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Welcome to our blog

01 March 2020

Thank you for viewing our first ever blog post! You may ask yourself, “Why should I read my credit union’s blog?” Well, we’re glad you asked that! As you may know, blog posting is a fun way for readers to get information about particular subjects. One of the most important subjects is our money, right? All of us can use a little help with managing our finances, learning ways to save, and how we can use newer technologies to make our lives easier and more convenient. In our blog you’ll see videos, product updates, promotions that can help you save, and updates on our new building. We’ll also be writing about other things, like upcoming events and happenings in our community. You may also find some fun videos starring the people who greet you here every day! We want it to be a blog you enjoy reading AND learn from!

We always look forward to serving our members at SRU Federal Credit Union. Thank you for being a part of the family, and remember that we will always first be “People Helping People” at your friendly, neighborhood credit union!