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Introducing SRU FCyoUth

06 April 2023

Children who have early access to and engage in financial decision making are more likely to develop long-term positive financial futures; and SRU Federal Credit Union is here to help!

SRU FCU’s youth program is designed to prepare children to navigate and take control of their financial futures. Through the teaching of basic financial principles and smart financial decision making, participants are rewarded for engaging in the process of developing financial knowledge.

Each youth enrolled in the program will be eligible to participate in SRU FCyoUth BINGO, which challenges the child to engage in spending, savings and financial literacy practices. Children are rewarded for completing tasks that range from depositing birthday money to learning how to write a check and balance a checkbook.

Special contests and activities will be available for enrolled children throughout the year as well as many other exclusive features.

Current youth accounts are automatically enrolled in the program. For those interested in opening an account, please contact SRU FCU to help your child get started by depositing just $5.